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Our Directors

Biography of our Chairman Emeritus


Mr. Chandubhai K. Panara
Managing Director (CEO)
Mr. C.K. Panara is the founder & CEO (Managing Director) of the Saurashtra Developers Pvt. Ltd. & Group of companies. He has a bachelor's degree in commerce from Bhahudin College Junagadha Gujarat. He is a qualified Government of India Approved Ex-ray technician. And has over 20 years of experience in diversified industries such as Earth Moving Hydroid Cylinder industries. He founded Saurashtra Developers Pvt.Ltd. in Rajkot (Gujarat) in 2012. Simultaneous with his phenomenal success in his business enterprise and real estate in the areas of Finance and Management. Saurashtra Developers Pvt. Ltd. currently bears overall responsibility for finances, land acquisition, legal functions & Land Development in real estate All over Gujarat.

Mr. Jayprakash R. Patel
Mr.Jayprakash Patel Join Saurashtra Developers Private Limited in 2012 as a Director. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science from (RPBC) Rajkot Gujarat which is affiliated by Saurashtra University. And a Master of Business Administrator of Post Graduate’s M.B.A from (IBMRD) Pune which is affiliated by Pune University year 2007. Jayprakash Patel has over 4 years of experience in the areas of Insurance, banking and finance Sector. Currently bears overall responsibility for Market, finances, legal functions. 
He promoted and successfully completed Projects covering of millions of square feet he is involved grossly with Town Planning, research and experimentation with construction & infrastructure technologies for sustainable Development. He strongly believes that perfection in any construction project. Unless and until an architect doesn’t have the synchronization of both these, he cannot achieve in the best in the world. Mr. J.R.Patel Belongs to the second generation of entrepreneurs and enjoys interest in Renewable energy infrastructure projects as well. Mr.J.R. Patel invests any extra time in rallying and has various accolades in the same.